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ZOOM@Novartis is a mentoring program of the University of Basel in cooperation with Novartis. It is aimed at highly qualified doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers at the University of Basel.


The program offers you an enriching opportunity to take an in­depth look at career prospects in the world of business and science, and also to gain an insight into a global corporation. An experienced executive at Novartis will accompany you throughout the program and coach you on career questions and career development, as well as on networking and reconciling family and career. You will develop important skills and the knowledge you need for a career outside academia through exclusive workshops on thinking style assessments, job application training, including simulated job interviews, and a retreat. In addition, you will get an insight into innovative research activities.

Admission Requirements

You are a female doctoral student or a female postdoctoral researcher at the University of Basel and want to optimize your skills profile and actively plan your career. You are interested in career guidance and want to find out about career pathways in industry.

Application and Condition of Participation

ZOOM@Novartis 2021: The next call will be published in early December 2020.

ZOOM@Novartis 2020: Application was open until 12 January 2020. A definitive decision on your admission will be made by Thursday, 30 January 2020, at the latest.

In principle, attendance is required at all program elements. Failure to attend may result in exclusion from the program. Exceptions are permitted only in consultation with the program manager.

Program Content

ZOOM@Novartis consists of the two main elements mentorship and workshops. A kick-off and a closing round off the program.


An experienced executive at Novartis will accompany you throughout the program and advise you on career questions and development, as well as on networking and reconciling family and career. As part of this process, mentors help to open doors by putting you in touch with other interesting figures both inside and outside the company.


Kick-off Event with Mentors

This joint session with mentors and mentees event will provide you with an overview of Novartis and our business, an overview of the program antelope@novartis including details of the workshops and time with the other mentees and mentors.

Thinking Style assessment (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument)

This workshop is designed to help you better understand yourself, your strengths and your motivators. In addition you learn to appreciate other peoples style’s embracing differences and enhancing collaboration. The workshop will be led by experienced Novartis trainers.

Innovative Research@Novartis

This workshop provides a more detailed review of research at Novartis, our portfolio, how we develop new products and potential career opportunities in Research and in drug development.


This is an event where you design the workshop content based on your interests and needs as a group and you are in the lead for its implementation.

Job Application Training

This workshop helps you establish whether you are ready to apply for your next position, confirm your brand and negotiate your next assignment. You will be provided with great learning opportunities to interact with HR professionals ‐ experts who work on your individual application skills, and ensure that you are ready.

Closing Event

This joint session with mentors and mentees is to celebrate the end of the program and to share experiences.

Agenda ZOOM@Novartis 2020

9 March

Kick-off Event with Mentors, 2h + Lunch

8 April

Thinking Style Assessment, 3h + Lunch

13 May

Innovative Research@Novartis, 1.5h + Labtour

10 June

Exchange on Mentoring, 2h

2 September

ZOOM Retreat, 3-6h

12 October

Job Application Training, 3h + Lunch

4 November

Closing Event, 2h + Lunch

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