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University of Basel

Fund for Promoting Young Academic Talent

The Talent Promotion Committee approves nonrecurring grants for advanced researchers (from doctorate / PhD level) using the financial resources of the fund for promoting young academic talent.

Target group

The precondition for an application is a distinguished doctorate/PhD.

If you are among the top young academic talent at the University of Basel, stand out through your excellent research achievements, are closely involved in a recognized institution and are about to carry out a habilitation or similar achievement, you belong to the target group of this fund.

SNSF extension applications for aspiring researchers (second year abroad, from the fields of medicine and sciences in particular) cannot normally be applied for with this fund.

  • Submission deadline
    February 1 and September 1 – The signed application should be submitted in paper form.
  • Earliest scholarship start date
    June; January of the following year

Application documents

  • Application form
  • Cover letter / reason for applying
  • Curriculum, certificates
  • List of publications
  • Research plan
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • detailed budget

How to proceed

Timely request of the infrastructure confirmation (latest till 12.01. or 12.08.) of your department as follows:

  • Login Grants Tool incl. budget calculator
    If should have difficulties with your registration please contact nachwuchsfoerderung@unibas.ch; upon receipt of the department's approval you will be provided with a link to the application form
  • Fill your data duly in the form for "Research Fund Junior Researchers"
  • Submission of your paper application together with all relevant documents and original signatures
Further information
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