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The purpose of the postdoc phase is to deepen your research or select an additional focus for your research. There are a variety of funding opportunities available for this. It is important to find an adequate source of funding that allows for the greatest possible independence during this career phase.

If you have specific questions regarding funding possibilities or need academic career advice please contact us here.

You can find further information about doing a postdoc at the University of Basel with the Graduate Center.

Below you can find information about the financing of:

Postdoc at the University of Basel

University of Basel research fund – supporting outstanding junior researchers

Start or complete a project worthy of funding for outstanding researchers.

SNSF Ambizione

Aimed at young researchers who wish to conduct, manage and lead an independent project at a Swiss higher education institution.


Aimed at excellent female researchers from Switzerland and abroad who aspire to a professorship in Switzerland. PRIMA grantees lead their own research project at a Swiss higher education institution. They work independently and have a team of their own.

Funding for SNSF projects

Funding opportunity for postdoctoral studies that include SNSF research projects. Project submission by main applicant possible from the first postdoc phase for raising research funding or under the direction of a professor for one’s own salary.

Find a Postdoc Position

Find a Postdoc Position

Information about postdoctoral opportunities.

Advanced postdocs

SNSF Eccellenza

The SNSF professorships have been replaced by SNSF Eccellenza as of 2018. The new SNSF Eccellenza funding scheme is aimed at highly qualified young researchers who are aiming for a permanent professorship. This scheme enables them to achieve their goal as leaders of a generously funded research project and team at a higher education institution in Switzerland. All in all, around 45 Eccellenza awards – both SNSF Eccellenza Grants and SNSF Professorial Fellowships - are expected to be made in 2018.

EU Horizon 2020: European Research Council (ERC)

The European Research Council (ERC) offers grants to support outstanding researchers, regardless of nationality and age, who see themselves in the field of pioneering research and wish to further pursue this goal. Project applications from all fields of science and research are welcome. In particular, the ERC funds interdisciplinary and groundbreaking projects. Calls for proposals are announced annually for three different career phases (starters, consolidators and advanced).

Attending conferences

Travel fund for young academics at the University of Basel

Trips to conferences and meetings with own scholarly contribution.

SAGW funds for travel expenses

Junior researchers in the humanities and social sciences.

Grants for scientific retreats

Grants for scientific retreats

The Rectorate of the University of Basel offers an annual grant to carry out events for young academics. The purpose is to support disciplinary and interdisciplinary, intra-university, national and international events for career starters, such as meetings for PhD students and Postdocs with external experts.

Albrecht Travel Fund for guest speakers as part of graduate events

The Albrecht Travel Fund provides support to certain further education events as part of doctoral promotion at the University of Basel. Applications for guest speakers may be submitted provided they contribute to the further qualification of PhD students as part of research or graduate events at the University of Basel.

Scientific exchanges

Aimed at researchers who want to host their own scientific event in Switzerland, invite colleagues from abroad for a research visit to Switzerland, or visit their colleagues in another country.

SAMW Scientific Events

This funding instrument is a support for scientific events which relate to SAMW's activities. The events should promote knowledge transfer between junior researchers or the expert and patient exchange in order to improve «Health and Scientific Literacy».

International incoming

SNSF Ambizione

Aimed at young researchers who wish to conduct, manage and lead an independent project at a Swiss higher education institution. The funding scheme would like to promote qualified researchers from Switzerland as well as excellent researchers from abroad.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists (ESKAS)

Through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS), the Swiss government awards various types of postgraduate scholarships to foreign scholars and researchers. These scholarships provide researchers from all fields the opportunity to pursue doctoral or postdoctoral research at a state recognized Swiss university. Scholarships and conditions depend on the respective country of origin.

International outgoing

SNSF Early Postdoc.Mobility

Postdocs in the early phases of their careers, maximum of two years following completion of their dissertation.

SNSF Postdoc.Mobility

Experienced postdocs, maximum of three years following completion of their dissertation.

EU Horizon 2020: Marie Curie Sklodwska Curie Individual Fellowships

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (IF) offer experienced researchers the opportunity to diversify their creative and innovative potential through advanced continuing education as well as international and intersectoral mobility and the opportunity to develop their individual skills. Individual fellowships thus enable the acquisition and transfer of knowledge through research in a European (EU member states and affiliated countries) or non-European context.

EMBL Fellow Programmes

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory is an intergovernmental organization that specializes in basic research in the life sciences. The organization consists of 21 member states, one potential candidate and two affiliated countries. There are currently 85 independent research groups working in the field of molecular biology at EMBL.

EMBO Long-Term Fellowships

For postdoctoral researchers to fund and support their internationally mobile careers.

EMBO Short-Term Fellowships

Funds research visits of up to three months to laboratories in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Human Frontier Science Fellowships

HFSP postdoctoral fellowships encourage young scientists to expand their research skills by exploring new fields of research through working in a different country. HFSP fellowships last for three years. The fellows can either spend the entire duration in their host country, return to their home country for the final year or spend this year in another HFSPO member country.

Other programs


Euraxess is an initiative of the European Research Area (ERA) and offers a broad spectrum of information and assistance services for European and non-European researchers who are pursuing a research career in Europe. The Euraxess Jobs platform facilitates the mobility of the researchers between the European countries and also helps research institutions find talented researchers. Euraxess is a pan-European initiative supported by the 40 member states.

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