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University of Basel

19 November 2019

Spin off Artidis joins world’s largest medical center

The team of Artidis, a spin off from the University of Basel. (Photo: Artidis).
The team of Artidis, a spin off from the University of Basel. (Photo: Artidis).

Artidis, which is a spin off from the University of Basel, announces its successful integration in the international Medical Device Cohort 2019 at the Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Institute. Artidis is developing a medical device based on nanotechnology for clinical application in cancer diagnostics.

“Being part of the TMC Innovation Accelerator program is a great opportunity for us as it provides access to a unique environment at the forefront of science and innovation – the best place to take patient care to the next level,“ says Marija Plodinec, CEO of Artidis. “It also enables us to further strengthen ongoing scientific and clinical collaborations focusing on breast, lung and pancreatic cancer with our colleagues from three major institutions within the Texas Medical Center.”

The Texas Medical Center (TMC) is considered the world’s largest medical center and has first-class capacities in the life sciences. The TMC Innovation Accelerator is a program that aims at impacting the healthcare industry by fostering integration of cutting-edge technology in the clinics. Artidis is one of the 16 startups selected worldwide from more than 140 competing healthcare companies for the 9th TMC accelerator medical device cohort. As part of this unique ecosystem, the startup is in the process of introducing its high-end technology into the US market to generate added value for patients and the healthcare system.

Artidis AG is a spin off from the lab of Argovia Professer Roderick Lim at the Biozentrum and the Swiss Nanoscience Institute, University of Basel. The startup has developed the first nanomechanical biomarker for cancer diagnosis and treatment optimization.

Artidis’ nanotechnology platform integrates different types of clinical data, allowing physicians to significantly shorten the current diagnostic process to benefit both the patient and the healthcare system. Artidis enables professionals to design personalized cancer treatment plans tailored to the individual patient needs and desired outcomes.

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