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University of Basel awarded “We Pay Fair” label

Following a comprehensive analysis of its salaries, the University of Basel has been awarded the “We Pay Fair” label by the University of St.Gallen’s Competence Centre for Diversity & Inclusion (CCDI), indicating that salaries at the University of Basel comply with the “equal pay for equivalent work” principle that is enshrined in the Swiss constitution.

07 April 2022

Seal “We Pay Fair”
The seal certifies that the University of Basel complies with equal pay principles.

The CCDI analyzed the salaries of staff at the University of Basel to identify any inexplicable wage gaps between male and female employees. The analysis found that unexplained gender wage gaps across the entire University of Basel amount to 0.5 percent.

The government sets a tolerance value of 5 percent to take account of other factors that might affect salaries, meaning that pay at the University of Basel complies with the “equal pay for equivalent work” principle that is enshrined in the Swiss constitution. “I am very pleased with this result,” stated President Professor Andrea Schenker-Wicki. “It confirms that we have a fair pay system at the University of Basel.”

Improvement despite good result

The comprehensive analysis confirmed that pay parity at the University of Basel falls within the requirements of equality legislation. The CCDI’s salary analysis expands on the government’s standard analysis model (Logib), applying additional criteria. At the University of Basel’s request, in-depth analyses were also undertaken and specific recommendations made, allowing the university to build on an already excellent result.

Lived culture of diversity

The University of Basel sees promoting a lived culture of diversity as a key prerequisite for excellence in all its areas of activity. A lived culture of diversity involves ensuring that diversity is both clearly visible and understood as self-evident by the University of Basel and its members. Active diversity management promotes a culture of diversity in all areas and is characterized by freedom from both discrimination and accessibility barriers. It is equal-opportunity-aware and family-friendly.

“We Pay Fair” label

The CCDI is part of the Research Institute for International Management at the University of St.Gallen (FIM-HSG) and is an official partner of the Swiss government for Logib training workshops. It conducts research, provides consulting and offers continuing education for management personnel. The salary analyses are supported by the Federal Office for Gender Equality.

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