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FAQ AV Media Kit

This is a list of frequently asked questions about the AV Media Kit.

  • What is the AV media kit?

    The AV media kit consists of a Logitech Meeting Set with a tripod and external microphone. The MeetUp is a professional webcam with a wide-angle lens, microphone, and speakers and can be used independently of Panopto, Zoom, and other tools (see the Quick Start Guide).

  • How do I use the AV media kit / Logitech MeetUp?

    The MeetUp is connected to a laptop via USB and selected as an "Audio/Video Device" in the respective software (Zoom, Camtasia, Webex etc.). It requires no drivers or additional software. See the Quick Start Guide or watch the video on how to set up and use the AV media kit.

  • My course will take place as classroom teaching and I would like to connect some students via video. Is this possible?

    Attention: the AV media kit is "just" a professional webcam with microphone and speakers. If you want to connect students to your course, you need additional software such as Zoom, Webex or Panopto.

  • How can I find out if a room is equipped with an AV media kit?

    You can find this information in the description of the technical equipment of the respective room on https://rauminfo.unibas.ch/ (Kamera/Video-Optionen).

  • Where can I borrow an AV media kit if it is not available in my classroom?

    Additional AV media kits can be borrowed via the IT Services lending system.

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