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Grants Office Newsletter September 2022

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Dear Researchers of the University of Basel,

We hope you have started the new semester well.

The long list of congratulation in this issue of our Newsletter, shows how busy you have been over the past months. This includes five new Ambizione fellows and three new Prima grantees, who we warmly welcome to the University of Basel. The coming months offer plenty of opportunities for further activities. The SNSF not only has the deadlines for several established instruments like Sinergia and Spirit but also for the two transitional measures, Advanced Grants and Swiss Postdoctoral Fellowships. In this issue, we keep you up-to-date with the upcoming deadlines and inform you about the new Horizon Europe projects starting this semester.

New Horizon Europe Projects

The summer months brought good news to several University of Basel researchers with the acceptance of their Horizon Europe projects. The Grants Office spoke to Prof Heiko Schuldt from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science about his new project XReco, what it takes to succeed, and how his research helps you to step back in time, right here in Basel.

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SNSF Advanced Grant Call

The SNSF has launched a second Advanced Grant Call for those who planned to apply for an ERC Advanced Grant. The Call is open to senior PIs with a ground-breaking project in any research discipline. Applications will be evaluated by one of five or six international, subject specific, panels. 

Pre-registration by the 1st October 2022 is required, the deadline for full proposal is 2nd November 2022. Applicants require a Host Commitment Letter. In order to receive this in time, please enter the details of your proposal in the Grants Tool by the 19th October.

Ambizione Deadline – 2nd November

The SNSF Ambizione career funding scheme enables excellent young researchers of any nationality and from any discipline to take their first step towards independence. Researchers who have at least one year of postdoctoral research experience and have received their PhD within the 4 years before the deadline are eligible. The grant covers the grantee's salary and the funds needed to carry out the project for up to four years. Please note that the SNSF requires a detailed letter of support from the Department and a confirmation from the Rectorate. A template for the department letter is available in the Grants Tool (Ambizione, tab “Information”). Applicants who do not have an account to access the Grant tool should contact the Grants Office. To ensure that you receive the confirmation of the Rectorate in time, we need the department letter and the entry in the Grants Tool by 15th October.

SNSF Swiss Postdoctoral Fellowships Call

The SNSF Swiss Postdoctoral Fellowships are aimed at young researchers with a maximum of eight years of postdoc experience and who are coming to or have recently moved to Switzerland to conduct their research project. The grant covers the fellow’s salary plus contributions to research and conference costs for 12-24 months. The call document is already available.

Deadline for project proposals is 1st December 2022.

Please enter your proposals 14 days before the deadline in the Grants Tool, where you find further details on the support letters. Please contact us if you have any questions.

New SNSF portal for your CV

In the last issue of our Newsletter, we announced the launch of the new SNSF portal for the preparation of your CV. The SNSF has hosted two webinars for researchers, to introduce the system and highlight the most important points. The slides and recording are available here.

The new CV format is required for the upcoming SNSF projects and Ambizione deadline and will be introduced step-by-step for other SNSF instruments.

More successes!

The Grants Office would like to congratulate:

  • The six successful recipients of a Swiss Postdoctoral Fellowship: Pavel Filipcik, María Cáceres, William Claytor, Florent Waltz, Diane Coomans and Annemarie Perez Boerema
  • Five new Ambizione Fellows: Jordyn Wallenborn, Julie Lattaud, Jutta Toscano, Sandra Brügger and Raphael Knaier
  • Three new PRIMA Fellows: Anne-Katrin Weber, Begoña Abad and Katharina Roeltgen
  • Klaus Schläppi and Chiara Saffirio for their ERC Grants
  • The PIs of the Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials (IICT) projects: Özgür Yaldizli with Lars Hemkens and Jens Kuhle; and Elisabeth Kappos with Maria Katapodi.
  • Melpomeni Fani and Malte Helmert for their Innosuisse Projects
  • Christine Alewell for her two Horizon Europe mission projects “Soil O-Live” and “AI4SoilHealth”
  • Marc Graf as PI in the new Horizon Europe collaborative project “2PS”
  • Thomas Ward as PI in the Horizon Europe MSCA DN project MetRaZymes
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