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List of Recognized Associations

Albanian Student Association (ASA)

The Albanian Student Association of the University of Basel (ASA) is committed to facilitating the integration of foreign students, particularly those who speak Albanian. We establish effective communication channels among students in the same academic field, organize cultural events, and promote valuable exchanges of experiences with the alumni of the University of Basel.

Do you want to campaign for human rights? Are you interested in working for an international NGO? Amnesty Students Basel helps to keep human rights issues in the public eye.

The Association des Francophones des Étudiants de Bâle (AFEB) aims to bring together all the French-speaking students at the university in order to establish a link between students from different faculties and to facilitate their integration.

CAMPUS live is a student society at the University of Basel. We use various events such as lectures and seminars to provide inspiration for study and life in general and tackle current topics. We also provide a forum for considering the Christian faith and what it stands for.

As a Christian student movement in German-speaking Switzerland, VBG has been connecting reflection, faith and everyday life for over 70 years. At VBG Basel, students of the University of Basel meet across faculties for exchange of ideas, prayer and discussion. The events are open to all interested parties.

CCEAM Basel organizes events that are intended to help medical students in particular to deal with transcultural issues. Lectures by experts, reports on experiences, open discussions and self-reflection help to train a conscious handling of these challenges. In this way, a contribution is to be made to improving the quality of treatment of persons in an intercultural context.

The European Law Students’ Association – ELSA for short – is a politically neutral, independent, and non-profit association for law students and young legal professionals.

foraus’ regional groups allow people with an interest in foreign affairs to meet in their area, network and help shape constructive foreign policies for Switzerland. If you wish to learn more about foraus, the regional groups are the first point of contact.

Our goal is to promote the consulting industry and to provide a platform for our members to develop their consulting career. To reach that goal, we're bringing together students from the University of Basel and ETH Zürich and providing them with a framework to prepare for case interviews.

Kurdish Students Association

The Kurdish Students Association is dedicated to representing the interests and concerns of Kurdish students. The association provides a platform for students of Kurdish heritage to connect, organize cultural activities, promote educational opportunities, and advocate for the rights and recognition of Kurdish identity. It contributes to fostering diversity and cultural exchange on campus, contributing to the creation of a tolerant and inclusive university environment.

The student association Law Clinic Basel offers free legal advice by students of the Law Faculty of the University of Basel. The legal support can be claimed by members of the University of Basel as well as by external persons without any relation to the university.

Marxist Society Basel

The Marxist Society Basel would like to address theoretical and practical questions of society-changing politics. In the reading circles we will deal with classics of Marxism.

The aim of the association is to promote public awareness of mental health and mental illness in everyday university life.

Model United Nations is a simulation of the main bodies of the UN. Students from all over the world meet for conferences around the globe and debate current issues affecting world politics.

The Muslim Students Association University of Basel is a student association of the University of Basel. It aims to foster communication and exchange among Muslim students and between Muslim and Non-Muslim students as well as to help its members balance their academic life through the organization of several activities.

The project Open Auditorium (German: Offener Hörsaal) aims at promoting refugee participation in the existing student auditing program at the University of Basel. The student auditing program is open to everyone and includes around 500 courses in German, French and English.

We are a multidisciplinary student organization with a mission to advance knowledge about the therapeutic use of psychedelics. We inform professionals as well as the public and support the building of a community around evidence-based psychedelic research and therapy. Doing so, we pave the way for helpful psychedelic experiences in a safe, legal, and accessible manner.

The independent think tank Reatch strengthens the relationship between the sciences and other parts of society. It promotes the potential of science and technology along overall societal values and enriches the public debate with critical viewpoints or fruitful solutions. Reatch works transdisciplinarily and relies on the innovative power of numerous volunteers.

The aim of the Science Slam Club Basel is to bring the research undertaken at the University of Basel to the public in an entertaining yet scientifically accurate way, in the form of the annual “Science Slam.”

Socordia is the first feminist students’ association at the University of Basel. The aim of this lifelong bond is to promote feminist causes and debates at the University of Basel.

Studenti Ticinesi a Basilea brings together students from the canton of Ticino and supports them in their transition to the University of Basel.

The university gardens allow students and staff at the University of Basel to get to know and try out alternatives to supermarket shopping.

The Unitheater Basel aims to put at least one annual production with professional direction or support from 2014 onwards. Uni Theater is open to all members of the University of Basel.

Uniwyy Basel organizes tastings and events to promote wine culture and social exchange among students of all faculties.

The aim of the association is to support freshmen in starting their studies and to foster cohesion among students of the nanosciences.

“We are Computer Science” is a non-profit Basel-based do-tank and our main focus points are increasing gender-inclusivity and promoting an unbiased and fair future for everyone in the computer science field.

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