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University of Basel

Semester Registration

All matriculated students and doctoral students currently enrolled at the University of Basel will receive via email correspondence to their unibas email address an invitation to register for the forthcoming semester within a stipulated registration period.

Registration serves to notify the university of envisaged future plans (registration, exmatriculation, leaves of absence, etc.). Registration will proceed exclusively online via the university’s MOnA web application (My Online Account). New students in their first semester cannot register via MOnA; they should first submit an application and proceed with matriculation within the official registration period.

Only immatriculated students can acquire credit points, take exams, etc. In this respect, the rectorate has decreed regulations concerning compulsory immatriculation for the acquisition of credit points and taking of examinations in which the applicable deadlines are defined.

Students are advised to submit their semester registration via the university’s MOnA web application https://services.unibas.ch.

Closing dates for semester registration fall semester 2020

Semester registration from 18 May 2020 until 17 August 2020
Reporting back / semester registration with surcharge (CHF 50) by 14 September 2020
Tuition fees payable by 1 August 2020 (afterwards immediately after receiving the invoice)
Course registration from 1 August until 12 October 2020


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