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Semester Invoice

Issued semester invoices must be paid by the start of the academic semester
(1 February for the spring semester and 1 August for the fall semester). Invoices issued after this point must be paid within 10 days at the latest.

Payment options

a) Bank transfer within Switzerland

Payments within Switzerland can easily be made with your smartphone by scanning the QR-code indicated on the invoice in your banking app or your PostFinance-App. Alternatively, QR-invoices can be paid by using the QR-IBAN and the QR-reference in online banking or Post E-Finance.

Please note: ESR payments are not possible anymore.

b) Bank transfer from abroad

Payments ordered from abroad – should be executed according to the instructions on your invoice.

c) Post office

Post offices accept QR-invoices at the counter and at the billing machines.

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