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University of Basel

Course Registration

All students matriculated at the University of Basel must register for all courses and lectures they wish to attend. This regulation also applies to all doctoral students attending courses and lectures. Prior to any new semester, all matriculated students and doctoral students will be sent their student ID and an information sheet providing details on course registration. Students are advised that course registration is subject to strict deadlines.

Obtaining credit points

Course registration is a prerequisite for sitting examinations and thus for obtaining credit points.

The specific conditions for obtaining credit points as well as the regulations for registering and cancelling registrations for examinations are specified in the respective degree course regulations.

Please note that credit points are awarded only once for the same or similar courses. Identical or similar courses bear an identical course number (first five digits). If, for example, you have successfully completed and therefore received credit points for course no. 12345-01, you may once more register for course no. 12345-01 in a future semester, but you will not be awarded credit points for it again.

Course registration deadline

Students must register for courses between 1 August and 12 October 2020 at the latest. Please use the university’s official web application MOnA for all course registrations. No course registrations or cancelation will be accepted in MOnA after the closing date for course registration.

How to register for courses with MOnA

To log into MOnA, please use your unibas e-mail address (@stud.unibas.ch or @unibas.ch) and the corresponding password. For the MOnA login, go to https://services.unibas.ch

Steps to course registration:

  • Log into MOnA with your unibas e-mail address.
  • Select the service “Register for Courses.”
  • If you fulfill the course registration conditions (registration period not expired, semester registration effected, semester fee credited to our account), please search the online course directory for the courses you want to register for and place them on the “Watchlist.”
  • You may now transfer the selected courses listed on your "Watchlist” to MOnA and proceed with your course registrations.
  • Our “Course Registrations” service displays your registrations. Only this service can be used to cancel course registrations during the registration period.
  • Please use the online support form to submit enquiries concerning MOnA.

Email account problems

To log into MOnA, you must have a valid unibas email address (@stud.unibas.ch or @unibas.ch) and the corresponding password. If you have forgotten your unibas email address and/or the corresponding password, you must report in person to the IT-Services of the University of Basel  with your student ID.

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