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University of Basel

Attestation of Equivalence

In accordance with the resolution of the Swiss University Conference on 1 February 2006, holders of a diploma or licentiate of the University of Basel may request an attestation of equivalence for any academic title earned at the University of Basel.

Important information regarding the validity of the attestation of equivalence

  • The diploma referred to in the attestation of equivalence must have been acquired at one of the faculties of the University of Basel and must always be presented together.
  • All pertinent information (academic degree, date of issue and name of recipient) must be completed.
  • Master designations are faculty specific with no subject specification.
Please note:
  • The Faculty of Humanities academic degree of lic. phil. with a major in general or clinical psychology is equivalent to a Master of Arts (MA) from the Faculty of Humanities. The academic degree of Master of Science (M. Sc.) applies only to degrees acquired at the Faculty of Psychology according to the study and examination regulations of 1 July 2001.
  • The attestation of equivalence from the Faculty of Philosophy and Natural Sciences also applies for diplomas earned in accordance with the provisional study regulations for degrees in pharmaceutical sciences and the Swiss Federal Diploma for Pharmacists of 18 November 2003.
  • Attestations of equivalence for the Theological Examination of the Theology Concordat Authority (KPB) or for the final examination of the Faculty of Theology (order of 16 January 1995) may be requested in writing from the Office of the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Theology (Studiendekanat der Theologischen Fakultät, Nadelberg 10, 4051 Basel, Tel. +41 61 207 27 95).
  • Attestations of equivalence for the Federal Gymnastics and Sports Teacher Diploma II (Eidgenössiches Turn- und Sportlehrerdiplom II) are issued by the Federal Sports Commission. Address: Bundesamt für Sport (BASPO), Hauptstrasse 247, 2532 Magglingen or info@baspo.admin.ch.
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