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University of Basel

Course Registration Regulations for FHNW Students

Based on an agreement between the University of Basel and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), students who are enrolled at FHNW and pay full tuition fees are admitted to the University of Basel without matriculation to attend individual courses and can earn credit points.

Eligibility to attend individual courses

Students at FHNW do not pay any tuition or auditor fees to the University of Basel. However, they are not entitled to earn academic degrees (student regulations, § 29).

A special agreement exists for secondary level I degree programs as well as in educational science. All course registrations – including classes at the University of Basel – are handled by FHNW. Students in secondary level II degree programs and who have remaining requirements to fulfill to earn their HLA subject qualifications can earn the necessary credit points without proper enrollment at the University of Basel only if the number of credit points does not exceed a total of 20.

Submitting course registration sheet / deadlines

The completed and signed course registration sheet must be submitted, along with presentation of an FHNW student ID valid for the corresponding semester, personally to the University of Basel Student Administration Office no more than four weeks after the lecture period begins. Course registration sheets submitted late will not be accepted.

Course registration

Students seeking to obtain credit points at the University of Basel are required to register for all courses (student regulations, § 26). FHNW students register for courses with the special course registration sheet. They do not have access to the central MOnA student web application (My Online Account).

Important information on the specific courses, in particular concerning registration and withdrawal for grading, on additionally required applications as well as all attendance requirements, can be found in the course directory.

University of Basel email account

The University of Basel provides students with an email account for the current semester. After submitting the registration form, the details on activating the account are sent by post within two weeks.

Transcript of records

Transcripts of records are issued at the end of February and at the end of August. Transcripts confirm the number of obtained course credits and credit points. Transcripts are sent to students by post.

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