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Mobility Switzerland

STUDIUM Mobilitaet Schweiz gr

Swiss universities have developed a method for simplifying student mobility in Switzerland. The mobility offices at all universities handle the administrative process and provide information to students. Mobility between Swiss universities is managed by the Student Exchange Office at the University of Basel.

Content and validity of the Swiss Mobility Program

The Swiss Mobility Program offers opportunities to spend one or two semesters at another Swiss university-level higher education institution without a great deal of administrative effort. You remain enrolled at the home university where you continue to pay your tuition fees. You do not pay any tuition fees at the host university. This eliminates the complex withdrawal and matriculation process.

The Bologna process arranges for the recognition of periods of study and coursework completed at guest universities as well as any restrictions. Questions concerning recognition of coursework should be resolved in detail ahead of time with the relevant office (Dean's Office, Examinations Office, etc.). An exchange is possible only after you have completed at least two semesters.

Planning process

We strongly recommend planning your student exchange at another Swiss university during the second half of your studies. Familiarize yourself with the degree programs and semester information of the guest university ahead of time (student guide, course directory, course schedules and website of the respective university). Find out which course certificates are issued by the university at the end of the mobility period. Discuss the exchange you are planning with a specialized advisor at the University of Basel and find out whether you need a discipline-specific agreement for the respective subject.

Please note!

During an exchange semester, you are on leave from the University of Basel in administrative terms. In other words, you cannot register for courses or earn credit points at the University of Basel. If you want to attend courses both at the University of Basel and at another Swiss university, contact the student office at the respective university directly concerning any registration procedures. Be aware of the respective application deadlines of the respective university. The Student Exchange Office at the University of Basel is not involved in this process.

Application and deadlines

  1. Frist time registration: Before you can apply, you need to register first whereupon you will get personal accessto the system. you need to log on once only. The log in through the application section.
  2. After loggin in please follow the instructions carefully
  3. Link 2019/2020: online application: deadline 15/4/2019

Application deadlines

  • For the fall semester: 15 April
  • For the spring semester: 15 November
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