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University of Basel

Recognized higher education institution

A foreign higher education institution is recognized by the University of Basel

  • if its recognition is stated in an agreement, a contract or a binding arrangement with the Swiss Confederation or the University of Basel


  • if it has been state-approved or accredited in the relevant educational system and can award doctorates, meaning it has the right to offer academic doctorates (PhD) and to confer the respective degree.

As a rule, a higher education institution and its degrees are not recognized if they fail to fulfil either of the above criteria.

In countries with education systems that make no institutional distinction between universities, universities of applied sciences, and universities for teacher education (1-pillar system), a degree is allocated to a type of higher education institution (university, university of applied sciences, university of teacher education) in accordance with the comparable degree program in the Swiss education system (2-pillar system).

A degree is only recognized if at least 80% of the credits were obtained at a recognized higher education institution in an accredited degree program.

A degree acquired through a distance learning program is recognized if all of the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • The degree has been awarded by a recognized higher education institution, and at least 80% of the credits were obtained at a recognized higher education institution.
  • The degree course is recognized/accredited by the official government agency in the respective education system.
  • The course achievements in the distance learning program are comparable with those of a corre-sponding on-campus program in the respective education system.
  • The degree achieved through the distance learning program allows admission to further studies at the next educational level, including on-campus programs, in the respective education system.
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