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Language Skills

STUDIUM Sprachkenntnisse gr

According to section 14 of the student regulations dated 13 November 2019 the two principal languages of instruction at the University of Basel are German and English.

The corresponding language skills are prerequisites for the successful completion of a degree program. The language of instruction in bachelor’s degree programs, but also in some master’s degree programs, is predominantly German. German is also the principal examination language, both in written and in oral examinations. To successfully pursue their chosen degree course, students are advised to have attained language skills at Level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages before the beginning of their degree program. The same also applies to English for those master’s degree programs taught primarily in English.

Students are responsible for having attained the language skills required to successfully pursue their chosen degree program. Examination failures cannot be excused by insufficient language skills.

The Language Center of the University of Basel helps students acquire language skills at the necessary level.

Proof of sufficient knowledge of the English language (level B2 or C1)

If the faculty regulations pertaining to the chosen degree program require proof of sufficient knowledge of the English language (level B2 or C1), the regulations concerning English language skills apply. Reglement betreffend den Nachweis von Englischkenntnissen auf Niveau B2 oder C1 des Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens

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