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University of Basel

Admission to Doctoral Studies

The student regulations dated 13 November 2019 decrees the following provisions in section 19 para. 1 - 7 for the admission to doctoral studies:

  1. The admission to the doctoral studies requires in general a master’s degree from a higher education institution recognized by the University of Basel. The doctoral degree regulations of the individual faculties (see doctoral disciplines) include additional provisions for the admission and subject-related requirements concerning equivalence and supervision.
  2. Degrees from university continuing education do not permit the admission to doctoral studies.
  3. The admission is granted by the rectorate following a motion of the faculty.
  4. In the event that the degree only partially fulfils the requirements listed in the doctoral degree regulations, the admission can be issued contingent on the student taking additional classes, usually classes offered in the master’s degree program. This is only possible, if these contingencies do not exceed 24 credit points, the missing knowledge and skills are not essential to the doctoral degree program and they are not essential requirements according to the specific doctoral degree regulation. The amount of classes necessary as well as the timeline for the fulfilment is to be written down in the doctoral agreement (Doktoratsvereinbarung).
  5. In the event that the admission according to no. 4 is impossible, the faculty can propose a motion  in any case (with the agreement of the first supervisor), so that the missing knowledge and skills can be learned at the master’s or the bachelor’s level beforehand. A time limit is to be set for the compliance with the requirements. The student is then enrolled at the master’s level. The master’s degree cannot, however, be awarded. Fees have to be paid in the same amount as regular master’s/bachelor’s students as laid down in the fees regulation.
  6. The doctoral student is required to enrol at the earliest possible date and to stay enrolled for the entire time of the doctoral studies.


Visiting doctoral students

Visiting doctoral students can be admitted, provided they are enrolled in doctoral studies at a higher education institution recognized by the University of Basel and are staying at the University of Basel for research purposes.

A written confirmation of a member of the faculty (group I) is needed that he/she is responsible for the supervision of the doctoral student during his/her period of research. The admission is in general restricted to three semesters. Visiting doctoral students are required to pay tuition fees of the same amount as regular doctoral students and can be awarded credit points. Academic degrees cannot be awarded to them.

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