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Admission to Doctoral Studies

The student regulations dated 13 November 2019 decrees the following provisions in section 19 para. 1 - 7 for the admission to doctoral studies:

  1. In general, admission to a doctorate requires a recognized master’s degree from a higher education institution recognized by the University of Basel. The doctoral study regulations (see doctoral disciplines) stipulate additional admission requirements and subject-specific requirements concerning equivalence and supervision.
  2. Degrees from university-based continuing education courses do not entitle applicants to be admitted to a doctorate.
  3. Admission is granted by the President’s Board following a motion presented by the relevant Doctoral Board.
  4. In the event that a degree only partially fulfils the requirements listed in the relevant doctoral study regulations, admission to a doctorate can be issued contingent on additional academic achievements by the student, usually courses from the master’s degree program. This is only possible if these additional requirements do not exceed 24 credit points and the lacking knowledge and skills are not essential to the doctorate and do not form part of the admission requirements in the relevant doctoral study regulations. The level of additional requirements and the time by which they must be fulfilled are to be defined in the doctoral agreement (Doktoratsvereinbarung).
  5. If admission is not possible in accordance with clause 4, the Doctoral Board may, with the consent of the first supervisor, still request admission so that the student can first acquire the lacking knowledge and skills from the master’s or bachelor’s program. A time limit is to be set for fulfilling these requirements. The student is then matriculated at master’s level. The master’s degree cannot, however, be awarded. The same fees must be paid as are required of regular master’s/bachelor’s students in accordance with the fees regulations.
  6. Doctoral students must matriculate at the earliest possible date and remain matriculated for the entire duration of their doctoral studies.


Visiting doctoral students

Visiting doctoral students can be admitted provided they are matriculated in a doctoral program at a university recognized by the University of Basel and are staying at the University of Basel for research purposes.

Written confirmation is required from a member of the faculty (Group I) stating that he/she is responsible for supervising the doctoral student during his/her research stay. Admission is generally restricted to three semesters. Visiting doctoral students are required to pay the same tuition fees as regular doctoral students and can earn credit points.

Visiting doctoral students must be registered at both the University of Basel and their home university throughout their time as a visiting doctoral student. They are not eligible to earn academic degrees at the University of Basel.

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