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University of Basel

Support Services

Is there something you would like to report? Do you require advice or support? Are you a lecturer, supervisor, or team leader who would like to find out more about preventative measures or receive advice on how to deal with an incident?

Personal Integrity Coordinator

The Personal Integrity Coordination Office acts as a low-threshold, confidential and personal contact, advice and support point for employees and students whose personal integrity has been violated.

If you have been sexually harassed, are aware of sexual harassment at the University of Basel or would like to obtain information on the subject, please contact Melanie Nussbaumer.


The independent investigator carries out an investigation procedure to clarify and establish the relevant legal facts. She concludes the investigation with a report for the attention of the Rectorate, which contains a description of the facts, the investigative actions and the results of the investigation.

The independent investigator is Yvonne Pieles, burckhardt AG.

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