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Studenten, Sozialberatung, Spenden
Stipendienfonds – Stipendien spenden. Helfen Sie Studierenden, ihr Studium erfolgreich abzuschliessen!

You can help students to complete their studies!

Many students have one or more part-time jobs to finance their studies in addition to the support they receive from their parents or government scholarships. During examinations or the final phase of studies, students from less privileged socioeconomic backgrounds have to deal with extra stress because they need to focus on their exams while at the same time making ends meet. These students can benefit from your donation.

Scholarships are awarded by the Scholarship Committee of the university. The income situations of the applicants are carefully reviewed and the donations are distributed by way of a nonbureaucratic process.

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Promoting ambitious students with scholarships - a portrait of Benjamin Baumgartner

Benjamin Baumgartner
Benjamin Baumgartner with laudator Prof. Elisabeth Zemp Stutz

Benjamin Baumgartner is a scholarship holder of the scholarship committee of the University of Basel and was awarded a recognition scholarship in 2017.


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