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University of Basel

Safety Administrator

The organizational units in the departments were examined for the existence of special risks. Each organizational unit having special risks has a safety administrator (SIBE).

All other organizational units have contact persons for occupational safety (KOPAS) at their disposal. You can find out about activities in the area of health and safety and discuss matters relating to occupational safety and health protection in your work environment by contacting the responsible persons.

Faculty Organizational unit/location SIBE KOPAS Name
Faculty of Theology     x Sabine Müller-Schneider
      x Franziska Müller Boss
  Special Field: Science of Religion   x Daniela Müller
  Special Field: Jewish Studies   x Eric Petry
Faculty of Law     x Tobias Tendero
Faculty of Psychology     x Johannes Massell
    x   Sigrid Falk
    x   Janine Hotz
      x Christiane Gerhards
of Business and Economics
    x Sibylle Bösch
of Medicine
Dean's Office, Faculty of Medicine   x Christian Möhringer
  Department of Biomedicine x   Daniel Kupferschmid
    x   Daniel Wyniger
    x   Andreas Schäuble
  University Clinics of Dental Medicine x   Fredy Schmidli
  Department of Public Health   x Cornelia Kern
  Institute of Exercise and Health Sciences   x Karin Zurflüh
  Department of Biomedical Engineering x   Beat Göpfert
Dean's Office, Faculty of Humanities   x Sandra C. Bock
  Department of Ancient Civilizations   x Ricarda Berthold
  Department of Social Sciences   x Filomena Mazumdar
      x Gabriela Degen
      x Veronique Hilfiker
      x Martina Ruland
      x Michelle Kellenberger
      x Gernot Biersack
  Department of History   x Anne Iselin
  Department of Art History and Music Studies   x Daniela Steinebrunner
  Department of Philosophy and Media Studies   x Barbara Hufft
      x Anna Lettieri-Beck
  Department of Foreign Languages and Literary Studies   x Noemi Grieder
      x Eva Askari
      x Alex van Lierde
of Science
Biozentrum, Dean's Office, Faculty of Science & Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences x   Karin Hinni
    x   Daniel Oeschger
  Department of Chemistry x   Markus Hauri
    x   Oliver Illg
    x   Sven Kaspar
  Department of Mathematics & Computer Science   x Barbara Fridez
      x Robert Frank
  Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Internships x  

Stefan Winzap

  Department of Physics x   Laurent Marot
    x   Bernd Heimann
  Department of Environmental Sciences x   Dominique Wyss
Rectorate and Administration   x   Werner Duttweiler
      x Katrin Küchler
      x Claudia Wilhelm
Central Services University Library   x Bernhard Herrlich
  Language Center / New Media Center   x Susann Weigend
  University sports   x Rene Grünberger
  IT-Services   x Dario Rubli
  Center for Educational Sciences   x Karine Jonnard
  Institue for European Global Studies   x Cornelia Knab
Non-university organizational units SV service x   Stefan Brandes
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