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University of Basel

Secondary Employment

Secondary employment consists of activities, particularly services, rendered essentially by members of the University of Basel themselves and in their own name for third parties. Secondary activities are permitted and not subject to liability for tax, provided they do not exceed 20% of the annual average of a staff member’s working hours for the university in individual cases or in total.

Matters relating to secondary employment are covered by the University of Basel’s rules governing secondary engagements, agreements with third parties and the use of intellectual property in the context of work at the university.

All staff members who have a position at the university with a level of employment exceeding 50% undergo an annual inquiry concerning secondary employment. The HR office sends an appropriate set of guidelines and a form for declaring secondary jobs, both those that require and those that do not require permits. The overview of activities of the university's executive personnel in management or supervisory committees as well as advisory committees and similar bodies is updated every summer.

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