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University of Basel

Accidents & Accident Insurance

Basic information

Staff with a weekly workload of eight or more hours are insured to cover the consequences of occupational and nonoccupational accidents.

Staff with a weekly workload of less than eight hours are only insured to cover occupational accidents and must insure themselves against nonoccupational accidents unless otherwise insured already. Accidents that occur on the way to work are considered occupational accidents (staff regulations, § 40).

Insurance company

The occupational and nonoccupational accident insurer is

Basler Versicherung
Policy no. 25/2.381.311-8
Hotline: 00800 24 800 800

Supplementary accident insurance

Supplementary accident insurance benefits (Basler Versicherung): in the event of hospitalization due to an accident, all staff are privately insured by Basler Versicherung (category 1). The lump sum payment in case of death is CHF 40,000 and CHF 80,000 for invalidity (see UVG supplementary insurance for companies).

Salary withholdings

The premium for occupational accident insurance as well as the premiums for the supplementary accident insurance are borne entirely by the university. The staff member is responsible for one third of the nonoccupational accident insurance premium.


Occupational as well as nonoccupational accidents are to be immediately reported to the HR office.

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