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University of Basel

Classification & Salaries

Salary schema

The various salary classifications are based on an analytically structured salary schema and classification model used by the Canton of Basel-Stadt for its employees.

Salary classes & pay scale

There are 28 salary classes for the classification of positions, whereby salary class 24 is the highest at the University of Basel.

The job description forms the basis for determining the salary class.

The personnel categories and salary classification were defined by the two supporting Cantons as follows:

Salary levels

While the salary class rates the position, the salary level reflects the number of years of experience of a staff member.

Along with previous professional experience, this also includes general life experience that is beneficial to a person’s career, particularly in terms of family and volunteering. These types of extra-occupational experiences will be taken into account accordingly (salary regulations, § 8).

Each salary class has three starting, 18 one-year and six two-year levels (see pay scale).

Pay increases annually by one level unless the University Council decides otherwise. The University Council can suspend standard level increases in justified cases – particularly taking into consideration the general economic climate and financial situation of the university.

New staff who start working at the University of Basel after July 1 cannot move up to the next level before January of the year after next.

Salary and inflation

Based on the salary class and level, salaries are presented in the pay scale, which is updated and published annually on January 1.

Salaries are generally reassessed each year on January 1 based on the average country index of consumer prices from October of the previous year after the University Council holds a hearing with the staff associations.

In justified cases, particularly taking into consideration the general economic climate and financial situation of the university, the University Council may adopt variances from the average national country index of consumer prices or refrain from making an adjustment.

Salaries are paid out in 12 or 13 equal disbursements. The 13th month salary (if eligible) is paid out at the end of November. If employment or termination occurs in the course of the year, the employee is entitled to a pro rata share of the 13th month salary. The salary regulations explain the details.

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