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University of Basel

Promoting Graduates

The University of Basel attaches great importance to the advancement of junior academic researchers.

The following funding is available for the advancement of graduates (note: they may not be used cumulatively for the same event):

Grants for scientific events

The University of Basel offers to junior academics annual grants for the organization of a scientific event. You as a group of researchers (PhDs, Postdocs) are entitled to organize a scientific retreat in order to present your projects to your supervisor as well as to invited international experts. The University of Basel will provide necessary funding (max. CHF 10'000 / event). Supported are disciplinary and interdisciplinary, national and international research retreats for PhDs and Postdocs.

Funding to cover costs of guest speakers as part of graduate events

The Albrecht travel fund provides support to certain continuing education events as part of advancement of PhD students at the University of Basel. Applications for guest speakers may be submitted provided they contribute to the further qualification of PhD students as part of research and/or graduate events at the University of Basel.

Scientific Exchanges

Scientific Exchanges is aimed at researchers who want to host their own scientific event in Switzerland, invite colleagues from abroad for a research visit to Switzerland, or visit their colleagues in another country.

Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN)

The Marie Curie activities provide universities and research institutions the opportunity to apply for aid to develop a European network for the structured training of early career researchers (PhD candidates and junior postdocs) at the European Commission.

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