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People on the Move – Dossier on Migration (02/2016)

Between the tides

Text: Thomas Jermann, Christoph Dieffenbacher

Since the middle of the 1980s zoology students have been examinating the same coastal section every year in the northern Brittany.

(Image: University of Basel, Thomas Jermann)
(Image: University of Basel, Thomas Jermann)

No comfort is spared for these budding marine researchers roaming the sandy beach or clambering along densely vegetated cliffs to examine the soil laid bare by the tide. Sporting rubber boots and armed with nets, buckets and magnifying glasses, they manage to remain completely dry. Each year, in late summer, a group of zoology students descends on the intertidal zone of Erquy, on the north coast of Brittany, to conduct applied research in marine biology.

Thomas Jermann works full time as curator of the Vivarium at Basel Zoo and is also a passionate photographer. The zoologist completed his doctorate at the University of Basel, where he has organized events on biology and marine biology for over 20 years – including excursions to the intertidal zones of northern Brittany.

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