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“Uni-Ein-Blicke” Visits the Zoologists

The latest edition of the event series “Uni-Ein-Blicke” visits the zoologists Dieter Ebert and Walter Salzburger. The guided tour takes place April, 28 and provides insights into the current research done in the field of zoology at the Department of Environmental Sciences. The event is organized for staff and students of the University of Basel and will be held in German and English.

21 April 2015

This spring semester, “Uni-Ein-Blicke” offers an exclusive guided tour through the Vesalianum, where the Zoology Department with Prof. Dieter Ebert and Prof. Walter Salzburger is located. The two renowned scientists will guide the participants through their department and give them unique insights into the different research fields and topics.

The participants will learn about the evolution of cichlids in East Africa and how infectious diseases can influence the ecology of entire populations. Animals such as cichlids, water fleas and their parasites will be part of the program as well as a modern molecular laboratory with the latest technology for DNA sequencing and genome analysis.

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