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FAQ University Sports: Offer

  • Why can't I rent sports equipment from University Sports?

    The rental of sports equipment is not part of the mission of University Sports.

  • Can I use the sports facilities during the school summer vacation?

    No, the annual maintenance work is taking place at the school sports facilities at this time. University Sports will also be taking a break at the other training facilities due to low demand.

  • Why is my favorite course not continued in the semester break?

    Due to the lower demand, there is a reduced sports program. The selection is based on the number of participants in the regular semester program.

  • Can I request a single room for a course with overnight accommodation?

    No, University Sports tries to offer the cheapest possible accommodation and therefore prioritizes shared rooms.

  • Can I eat vegetarian/vegan food at events lasting several days?

    You can register for vegetarian meals directly online when you sign up for the course, for all other requests you will find the contact details of the accommodation in our information letter after the registration deadline. The accommodation can then be contacted directly. In simpler accommodation and mountain huts in particular, it is generally not possible to cater for other requests apart from vegetarian meals.

  • Why are there offers with-without registration?

    Various offers have a limited number of materials or the sports facility or course content only allows a certain number of people. We also offer courses with continuous build-up (e.g. dance courses). Registration is mandatory for all these courses.

  • Why are there offers with and without costs?

    Special material, equipment and space costs may arise for activities that cannot take place in a regular sports hall or on the sports field. In addition, for safety reasons, certain activities can only take place in small groups. Those registered must contribute to these additional costs. University Sports endeavors to offer the courses at attractive conditions.

  • Why are there offers with a deposit fee?

    In the case of events with deposit fees, we rely on as many registered participants as possible taking part. With the deposit fee, University Sports increases the binding nature of the registration. The deposit fee will be refunded when you take part.

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