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FAQ University Sports: Participation

  • Am I eligible to participate in university sports?

    University sports are not open to the public. For a detailed listing of eligible groups, please see Eligibility.

  • Am I eligible to participate as a student of universities of applied sciences?

    As a student of a university of applied sciences, you are not eligible to participate (see eligibility), except for enrolled students of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), who are eligible based on an ongoing agreement between the FHNW and University Sports Basel.

  • I am studying at another university in Switzerland. How can I be activated for online registration?

    As an enrolled student and phd-student of another eligible university in Switzerland, you must request your activation from us semester by semester. For the activation, the student ID or proof of enrollment (scan/photo) of the relevant semester and the current contact details, as well as the date of birth, must be sent to unisport@unibas.ch.

  • I am studying at a university abroad. How can I participate in university sports?

    As a student of a foreign university, please send us the student ID or proof of enrollment (scan/photo) of the current semester, your contact details, as well as the date of birth and, if you are registering for the first time, also a portrait photo (JPG) for the creation of the "Sportausweis Gelb Uni Ausland".

  • Do I need to show identification when I attend a training?

    Yes, access to the offers is only possible with your valid student ID or employee/guest ID of the University of Basel, a student ID of a Swiss university or the FHNW or a sports ID of University Sports. Random access controls will take place.

  • Can I take / register a companion who is not eligible to participate in couple dance?

    No, your companion must also register in person and must be eligible to attend.

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