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Employing more Women

Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Mehr Frauen berufen
University of Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Employing more Women. (Picture: © Adobe Stock)

The equal opportunity of women and men is an overarching objective in the area of Diversity & Inclusion Management at the University of Basel. Women are still underrepresented in leading academic roles in many subject areas. Therefore the university is taking concrete measures to increase the proportion of women at all academic levels, particularly at the level of professor.

The proportion of women has risen at all stages of an academic career over the past two decades. But even though more and more young women are studying for degrees and doctorates, significantly fewer women than men remain in academia and occupy leadership positions there less frequently.

In order to advance equality and equal opportunities, the University of Basel uses effective equality instruments and career models to specifically promote the careers of women from different status groups.

One promising starting point is recruitment, where positive effects can be achieved quickly and sustainably. With the development of Guidelines for Appointment Procedures, the annual Equality Monitoring report and targeted support services and mentoring programs, the proportion of women is to be further increased in the coming years.


  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, BAMNET - Basel Mentorship Network for Professors


    The Basel Mentoring Network (BAMNET) matches female assistant professors with a mentor of their choice for targeted support in their academic career, so that the next qualification step can be reached more quickly and easily.
  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Monitoring

    Equal opportunities monitoring

    The annual Report documents the targeted increase in the proportion of women at the higher academic career levels.
  • University of Basel, stay on track

    stay on track

    The "stay on track" funding line is aimed at highly qualified postdocs and postdoctoral researchers in the first phase of motherhood. Relief options are regularly offered to focus on and maintain high-quality research.
  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, H.I.T.


    H.I.T. stands for High Potential University Leaders Identity & Skills Training Programme.
    The innovative and exclusive leadership program prepares female professors in Switzerland for academic leadership positions.
  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Verhandlungscoaching für Postdoktorandinnen

    Negotiation coaching for Postdocs

    Have you received a job offer or a call to a professorship and now don't know exactly how to proceed? Good negotiation after a job offer or call is the basis for a successful start in a new scientific position and can significantly influence your long-term career.
  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, FEMtrepreneurs


    In 2019 the University of Basel launched the FEMtrepreneurs Inititiave together with a variety of partners, focusing on female leader- and entrepreneurship. This grass-roots initiative has the main goal of creating a supporting community centered around supporting female entrepreneurs in their innovative endeavors and enabling their development in founding their businesses.

    Carte Blanche is an offer for female professors of the University of Basel. In December, an exclusive event with a prominent guest speaker is held, which serves as a forum for networking, dialogue and exciting ideas outside of everyday research work.
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