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University of Basel

US Funding

US Funding Agencies

Grants.gov is the starting point for your search as well as for applications for research financing from US funding agencies – for European researchers too.

NIH (National Institutes of Health) proposals may also be submitted via Grants.gov, but ideally the NIH specific platform ASSIST is used.

Additionally, applicants need a user account on the NIH platform eRA Commons to be able to apply to NIH grants. Please contact us, should you require an eRA Commons user account.

Tips for the University of Basel

Uni Basel has completed all necessary US registration processes: DUNS, SAM [ex CCR], NCAGE, Grants.gov, NIH eRA Commons, etc.

  • Please ensure that you register your US proposal in the GrantsTool and inform the Grants Office at least six weeks before the submission deadline, as US proposals are subject to a special process.
  • To set up NIH accounts for project managers, which are required only upon electronic submission of your application (as AOR, PI), please contact the Uni Basel Grants Office in good time. You also require an NIH account to search specific databases (dbGaP, etc.).

The University of Basel is registered as an organization under the name "Universitat Basel" with the following numbers:

  • DUNS: 484650064
  • FWA: FWA00017258
  • NCAGE: SBQ40

Please note:

The University of Basel is also registered as an institution at: 


EU - US funding and partnering possibilities

BILAT-USA provides information regarding science and technology cooperation between the European Union and the United States in all areas.

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