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University of Basel

Science of Religion


Prof. Dr. Jens Koehrsen, Center for Religion, Economy and Politics (ZRWP)

Jens Koehrsen conducts research on the interplay of different types of actors (e.g. businesses, policy makers, scientists, city administrators) in sustainability transitions. Central questions of his research are: With what functions are particular social fields (e.g. politics, science, economy, religion) contributing to urban low carbon processes? What social arrangements evolve in the course of local low carbon transitions to facilitate the interplay of actors related to different social fields? A specific focus of his research is on the role of religion in sustainability transitions: How are religious actors (e.g. Christian churches) contributing to these transitions processes? In what way does religion become manifest in sustainability transitions among actors from ‘non-religious’ social fields (e.g. politics, sciences)? More

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