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Online Courses Livestream

The Corona pandemic currently does not allow courses with physical presence. In order to still enable regular training with interaction, we offer courses from the sports areas Body & Mind and Fitness in livestream via ZOOM.

Participation Requirements and Procedure of the Livestream Courses

ZOOM livestream course Unisport Basel
Pilates is currently offered as a Unisport Livestream course

To ensure that participation in the online courses livestream goes smoothly, the following points should be noted:

  • If the livestream is accessed via smart phone or tablet, the ZOOM app enhances the training experience. Download ZOOM-App .

  • The ZOOM link is provided in the registration confirmation. Upon joining, participants must enter their first and last name and will be redirected to a virtual waiting room before being admitted by the course instructor.
  • Only registered persons are allowed to participate. The link to the course is personal and may not be given to third parties. Non-registered persons in the waiting room will not be admitted to the meeting.
  • Enter the meeting at least 5 minutes before the start of the training. Participation is not possible after the start of the training.
  • Joining with video is very welcome and in some courses (see course description) even necessary for content reasons! However, if there are problems with picture or sound, the video should be turned off to improve the transmission quality.
  • Please mute the microphone before starting the training.
  • Right-click on the instructor's video to pin it to the top of the screen.
  • Equipment: see course description. For better sound quality it is recommended to connect your device with Bluetooth headphones or speakers.
  • Feedback on your performance is very limited in such a format. Participation in the course is on your own responsibility.
  • Equipment for Virtual video indoor cycling (Zwift Ride): bike, smarttrainer or roller incl. speed - and cadence sensor (Ant+ or Bluetooth), Zwift App

Note: Not all instructors have the best technical and spatial conditions at home (room size, different speed of the Internet connection or the computer, type of computer (Apple, Microsoft, tablet, ...) or headphones, technical know-how, etc.). What applies to on-site courses, applies here too: we kindly ask for your understanding if problems occur. Our organization team as well as our course instructors have done their best to make the online course experience as great as possible. We are very happy to receive constructive feedback. Many thanks!


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