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Students who are enrolled at the University of Basel and who wish to attend classes at a Eucor - The European Campus university can find information here.

Your University of Basel student ID allows you to attend lectures and the infrastructure of all Eucor universities, You have to register at your chosen Eucor university. Please contact your faculty office in Basel and the lecturer of the Eucor university to approve the recognition.

Information and details on the registration: https://www.eucor-uni.org/de/studieren/freie-mobilitaet/

The Eucor - The European Campus attestation

It is the express intention of Eucor - The European Campus to promote and simplify the mutual counting of coursework and recognition of intermediate examinations. Coursework and progress exams are recorded with an attestation for students at Eucor - The European Campus universities. Eucor - The European Campus attestation forms can be downloaded online and are also available in the Student Office at the University of Basel.

Commuting allowances

Applications must be submitted no later than three months after the end of the lecture. Eva Nydegger can provide information on commuting allowances for attending classes at other Eucor - The European Campus universities.

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