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University of Basel

Deadlines Semester Registration

These deadlines apply to students and doctoral students already matriculated at the University of Basel who must register for the fall semester 2022. The semester registration is done by means of the Online Services (https://services.unibas.ch).

Semester registration
24.05.22 - 22.08.22
Semester registration is done online by means of the Online Services
Further information:
Tuition fee payable
01.08.22 (afterwards immediately after receiving the invoice)
After registration with the Online Services students will receive an invoice for their tuition fees by e-mail.
Course registration
01.08. - 17.10.22
Information about Course registration
Request for cancelling registration with refund of semester fee
We can only cancel a registration upon written request. A cancellation will only be authorised if all your documents (all four attestations providing certified evidence of the student status) are returned.


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