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University of Basel

Late applications for master's studies with a recognised degree from a Swiss university, university of applied sciences or university of teacher education

The application deadline for the fall semester 2018 elapsed on 30 April 2018. Late applications to master’s degree programs (except for clinical medicine, dental medicine, and nursing) are possible, on written request, for holders of a recognized bachelor's level degree from a Swiss higher education institution (university, university of applied sciences, university of teacher education) until 31 July 2018, as long as a complete application dossier has been submitted by the deadline. In addition to the normal application fee of CHF 100, an additional fee of CHF 150 is payable for late applications. Submission of a late application does not entitle the applicant to admission.

You can submit the necessary request by going to

The request must include the following information:

  • Detailed information on previous studies at higher education institutions
  • Exact details on bachelor's degree including final grade/mark and date of completion
  • Exact details on the desired master's program
  • Brief explanation for the late application
  • A telephone number to resolve any questions

Please also note the following items:

  1. Degree programs
    You should know the exact master program and, in the case of master studies at the Faculty of Humanities, the master subjects you want to apply for. The master studies information sheet: degree programs offered by the various faculties is provided for this purpose. You can also find information by visiting degree programs or the websites of the specific faculties.
  2. Admission requirements
    The general requirements for admission to studies are defined in the student regulations of the University of Basel as well as in the admission regulations of the University of Basel issued by the Rectorate. The specific admission requirements for the various master's degree programs are explained in the master studies regulations issued by the respective faculty. These can be found here: degree programs.
  3. Language requirements
    The main languages of instruction are German and English.
    Any specific language requirements are described in the faculty-specific study regulations.
  4. Officially authenticated copies and recognized translations
    Documents are to be submitted as officially authenticated copies and if required with a recognized translation. Please observe the mandatory University of Basel Rectorate's conditons for officially authenticated copies and recognized translations. For documents issued by the University of Basel, copies are sufficient.
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