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Master studies (except Medicine and Nursing Science)

Before you begin the application, please note the following:

  • 1. Degree programs

    You should know the exact master degree program and, in the case of master studies in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the master subjects you want to apply for.

    The master studies information sheet: degree programs offered by the various faculties is provided for this purpose. You can also find information by visiting degree programs or the websites of the specific faculties.

  • 2. Admission requirements

    The general requirements for admission to studies are defined in the student regulations of the University of Basel as well as in the admission regulations of the University of Basel issued by the Rectorate.

    The specific admission requirements for the various master's degree programs are explained in the master studies regulations issued by the respective faculty. These can be found here: degree programs.

  • 3. Language requirements

    The main languages of instruction are German and English.

    Any specific language requirements are described in the faculty-specific study regulations.

  • 4. Setting up a user account for the application portal

    Before you can submit an application, you need to set up a user account.

    Once you have logged in, you will receive an email from the Student Administration Office with an activation link. This allows you to access the portal. If you haven’t received an email, check your spam folder.

    Make sure that you provide an email address where you can be reached throughout the admission process. All information and documents from the university regarding your application will be sent to you via the application portal. Whenever this happens, a notification will be sent to your email address

  • 5. Starting the application

    After you have set up a user account, you can apply to study at the university using an online form on the application portal. There are six steps in the application process.

    We recommend that you complete the individual sections in order, as they follow on from one another. You can log out at any time and resume work on the application later.

    The online form asks you to provide details of your educational qualifications (high school, higher education etc.) and personal information, and to upload the required documents.

    For details of the required documents, please consult the appropriate information sheet, which can be found on this page under Related Links and Downloads or at www.unibas.ch/documentsapplication.

    Submit your application even if you have not yet received your final degree certificate or other required documents by the application deadline. Transcripts and certificates that you do not yet have can be submitted later. There are deadlines for submission of these documents, which you can also find on the information sheet. The decision for an admission to a master's degree program can only be made once all required documents are complete.

  • 6. Certified translations

    If the original document is written in a language other than German, French, Italian or English, a certified translation into German or English must be uploaded with it.

    Please ensure that this meets the requirements set out in the University of Basel Rectorate's conditions for certified translations.

  • 7. Finishing the application

    An application is regarded as having been submitted only when it has been sent via the application portal and the associated application fee (CHF 100) has been paid.

    Please note that applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm on the final day of the application period.

    No further changes to the information supplied in the application can be made once it has been submitted. You will be sent an acknowledgement of submission.

  • 8. Payment of the application fee (online payment)

    An application fee of CHF 100 is due when you submit an application to study at the university. This fee can be paid online by card. The application cannot be submitted until the application fee has been paid. The application fee will not be refunded or credited to you.

    The following payment methods are available: Visa, Mastercard, DinersClub/Discover, UnionPay, JCB and, in Switzerland, Postfinance and TWINT. You can also use a prepaid card as well as a traditional credit card. For further details, please consult the relevant information sheet.

    You will receive confirmation of payment as soon as the payment has been made. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check the status of your application and, if necessary, resubmit it.

  • 9. Submission of missing or rejected documents at a later date

    If your application is incomplete or the documents or information that you have submitted do not meet requirements, you will receive a written request on the application portal to submit further material, with deadlines.

    The decision for an admission to a master's degree program can only be made once all required documents are complete.

  • 10. Studying with a disability or illness

    Studying with a disability or chronic illness often requires more planning. The Students Without Barriers (StoB) service point is here to help you with the organization of your studies.

    For an effective support, please contact the service point well ahead of time via phone +41 61 207 17 19 or email stob@unibas.ch.

    More information can be found under www.stob.unibas.ch.


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