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Recognition criteria for non-Swiss secondary school leaving certificates

Non-Swiss secondary school leaving certificates must largely correspond to the Swiss Maturität certificate and are therefore only recognized if the criteria listed in points 1—3 are cumulatively fulfilled. Non-Swiss secondary school leaving certificates from countries that are not signatories to the Lisbon Convention are subject to additional requirements. These requirements are defined in the “list of countries”.

  1. Educational objective
  2. Educational content / general education subject catalogue
  3. Period of study

The evaluation of a secondary school leaving certificate takes into account only school grades at upper secondary level that have been credited to the relevant certificate by the non-Swiss authorities responsible or school grades subsequently earned as a supplement to the relevant certificate that are recorded in a separate certificate.

Not recognized are:

  • In general, distance education school leaving certificates, night school leaving certificates and school leaving certificates not attained in a school class;
  • Entrance examination certificates from foreign higher education institutions;
  • Secondary school leaving certificates for upper secondary level education completed in various education systems. These certificates are recognized only if the last 3 years at upper secondary level are documented, all 3 years were passed and the “general education subject catalogue” was consistently fulfilled during these 3 years.

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