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University of Basel


Essentially, the parents and the scholarship office in the parents’ canton of residence are responsible for funding studies. Scholarships from the university are granted by the scholarship committee of the Senate in addition to any cantonal education contributions. International students should find out what scholarships they are eligible for in their home country.

Scholarships from the University of Basel

In addition to any cantonal education grants, the scholarship committee of the Senate grants supplementary scholarships for students enrolled at the University of Basel. The student welfare office offers advice to students.

Exchange scholarships for students at the University of Basel

The university awards specific scholarships to students in exchange programs. The Student Exchange Office is available to advise you.


Cantonal scholarships, student loans

  • Basel-Stadt:
    Amt für Ausbildungsbeiträge
    Holbeinstrasse 50
    4001 Basel
    Tel. +41 61 201 31 81
  • Basel-Landschaft:
    Abteilung für Ausbildungsbeiträge
    Rosenstrasse 25
    4410 Liestal
    Tel. +41 61 552 79 99
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