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University of Basel


Insurance policies are basically the responsibility of students or PhD candidates. However, all students and PhD candidates enrolled at the University of Basel are insured automatically and free of charge for the economic consequences of an accident with permanent damage (invalidity). Beyond this, the university does not offer any discounted rates for insurance policies. The Social Services can provide additional advice. Students in exchange programs should contact the Student Exchange Office.

Insurance for students and PhD candidates for the consequences of an accident-related invalidity

The insurance policy provides for a maximum invalidity lump sum of CHF 1.05 million. However, this applies only to accidents that occur on the premises or in the buildings of the university, during university excursions or events/training held by University Sports. The insurance does not cover medical costs and therefore does not entitle the beneficiary to the exclusion of accident coverage that is part of compulsory health insurance (KVG).


We recommend supplementing the existing insurance coverage for the university premises with private full coverage that is independent of time and place. AXA Versicherung offers a very attractive option with a current annual premium of CHF 43.50.

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