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The University of Basel has a working model that gives administrative employees the option of working from home to accommodate their individual needs, insofar as this complies with the scope of their work and their department’s requirements. Working from home and flexible working hours also help to reduce commuting during peak hours and mitigate traffic congestion. The President’s Board has prepared an information sheet in order to standardize procedures and ensure work performance.

Homeoffice from 1 July 2020

In connection with the home office, we would like to point out that with the decision of the President’s Office and the Administration (e-mail of 1 July 2020) and the publication of the information sheet, the regulations of the home office have become valid since this date. The supervisors are responsible for the implementation of the work organisation, including the home office, for their team.

  • The working time in the home office should not exceed 40% of the contractual working time.
  • Special provisions apply to employees residing abroad from 20% of the contractual working time. These should be clarified with the central human resources department, HR Consulting, hr-consulting@unibas.ch.
  • Regular home offices are to be regulated in an agreement, which is to be sent to the central Human Resources, HR Services
  • Experiences with the home office are discussed in the annual staff review in order to make adjustments where necessary.
  • The acquisition, installation, operation and use of home office infrastructure (e.g. office equipment, IT resources, Internet connection) is the responsibility of the employees and is not compensated.

Homeoffice abroad

Please also note that the exemption provisions for the home office and the subordination of social insurance obligations abroad introduced in connection with the coronavirus have been extended by the Federal Social Insurance Office as follows

  • Reference to Germany, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein, the flexible application of the subordination rules was extended until December 31, 2021.
  • For France, this will apply at least until September 30, 2021.
  • In the relations with the other states, the flexible application also applies until the end of 2021 in the absence of any other agreement.

This regulation of the Federal Social Insurance Office allows a time margin, but does not cancel the regulation of the employer.

Furthermore, once the health situation has returned to normal, the usual subordination rules will once again apply in full.

If you have any questions, please contact HR Consulting (Tel. +41 61 207 00 13; hr-consulting@unibas.ch).


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