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New Assistant Professor of Nursing Science

The University of Basel’s University Council has confirmed Professor Franziska Zúñiga Maldonado-Grasser as the new Assistant Professor (with tenure track) of Nursing Science, with a focal area of innovation in care delivery. The Swiss academic took up the professorship at the Institute of Nursing Science (INS) on 1 September 2022.

28 September 2022

Prof. Dr. Franziska Zúñiga Maldonado-Grasser
Prof. Dr. Franziska Zúñiga Maldonado-Grasser.

Franziska Zúñiga’s research is focused on the sustainable implementation of new care models, aiming to improve long-term care for the future and examine strategies for quality evaluation and development. The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland is supporting the tenure track professorship with CHF 1 million, thereby making a substantial contribution toward strengthening nursing science in Basel and in Switzerland as a whole.

Franziska Zúñiga studied nursing science at the University of Basel and obtained her doctorate there in 2015. She then went on to conduct research in the area of the long-term care of older people as a postdoc. In 2018, she also took over management of the master’s degree program at INS as a university lecturer.

2022 Vontobel Award for Research on Age(ing)

In her research, Franziska Zúñiga focuses on implementation science and health services research in long-term care, with a focus on new care models and sustainably changing care quality and resident safety. As part of the two national studies SHURP 2013 und SHURP 2018 (Swiss Nursing Homes Human Resources Project), she was able to produce the first comprehensive account of inpatient long-term care in Switzerland, the results of which provide a crucial basis for decision-making in politics and in practice.

In the project INTERCARE, she conducted pioneering work on the sustainable implementation of a new care model in inpatient long-term care to reduce unplanned hospital admissions. She received the 2022 Vontobel Award for Research on Age(ing) for her work on INTERCARE.

Combination of nursing science, ethics and care in everyday life

The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland was founded in Basel in 2005. It supports the systematic further development of nursing knowledge at the academic level and its implementation in practice.

The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland’s support promotes the combination of nursing science, ethics and care in everyday life. To this end, it provides financial aid to research projects, academic publications and events, and supports young academics.

Further information

Heike Heinemann, University of Basel, Institute of Nursing Science (INS), email: heike.heinemann@unibas.ch

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