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The type of partnership varies with respect to the content and administrative aspects, which range from opening individual classes to students from other institutions all the way to joint degree programs.

Free Mobility

Free mobility for students on their own initiative: students are described as out-going students by their home institutions and as in-coming students by the partner higher education institutions.

Mobility recommendation

Mobility recommendation of modules and classes offered by partner universities that are particularly well-suited for visiting students. The recognition of coursework and the corresponding credit points awarded at the home institution are already determined.

Out-Going In-Coming
Certain classes at partner higher education institutions are recommended to students from the University of Basel. Lecturers open their classes explicitly to students from other higher education institutions.

Mandatory mobility

Students are required to earn credit points at other universities/higher education institutions.

Teaching import or shared offerings

Exchange window

At least two higher education institutions work together to develop classes or modules and offer these in combination.

The study regulations for the degree program define how many credit points students are required to earn at the respective partner higher education institution. The students have the freedom to select the courses.

Example Exchange Window Uni Basel in cooperation with
MA Nordische Philologie EUCOR: Albert Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Eberhard Karls-Universität Tübingen, Université de Strasbourg

Joint degree programs

Degree programs developed by two or more higher education institutions. Students complete essential coursework at the respective partner higher education institutions. Exam modalities are based on who administers the exam.

Double Degree

Joint Degree

Degree programs offered by two partnering higher education institutions, each of which awards a degree and title. Each higher education institution handles the administration of the degree program itself.

Jointly designed and conducted degree programs offered by two or more higher education institutions, which results in the awarding of a single degree and title. Administration of the degree program is handled at one location or jointly.

Examples Joint-Degree

Uni Basel in cooperation with

MLaw Rechtswissenschaften bilingue

Universität Genf

MLaw Rechtswissenschaften EUCOR

Universitäten Freiburg i.Br. und Strasbourg

MA Religion - Politik - Wirtschaft

Universität Zürich and Universität Luzern

MSc International and Monetary Economics

Universität Bern


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