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Sexual harassment

The University of Basel does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment begins when personal boundaries are not respected and power is exerted over others.

Professor Andrea Schenker-Wicki, President of the University of Basel

Please note

The procedure for the violation of personal integrity through sexual harassment, sexist behaviour, discrimination and bullying is currently being renewed. At the same time, work is being done on the revision of the regulations and on a prevention concept.

Defintion sexual harassment

The term sexual harassment refers to any kind of conduct with sexual connotations, which is unwanted by one of the people involved and is demeaning to that person.

Harassment can take place during work, at evening events hosted by the university, during office hours or in a lecture hall. Sexual harassment can take the form of words, gestures or acts and be perpetrated by individuals or groups.

The effects of sexual harassment on a person’s psychological and physical health can be serious.

Forms of sexual harassment

  • Salacious, suggestive or derogatory comments
  • Sexist comments or jokes about sexual attributes, sexual behavior or sexual orientation
  • Obscene signs or gestures
  • Intrusive stares
  • Confrontation with pornographic material or nude imagery
  • Unwanted invitations with clearly sexual intentions
  • Unwanted telephone calls, letters or emails with sexual references
  • Sexual advances linked with the promise of rewards or the threat of adverse consequences
  • Unwanted bodily contact

Sexual harassment is prohibited under the Gender Equality Act and the regulations on protection against sexual harassment at work and in studies at the University of Basel. Of course serious offences such as physical assault, coercion or rape are also relevant under criminal law.

The key factor is not the perpetrator's intention, but rather how their behavior affects the other person and whether it is perceived as welcome or not.

Guidelines Sexual Harassment University of Basel

Regulations at the University of Basel

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