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Breaking New Ground - Student Teaching

Award winners, shortlist, jury and vice rector for education
Award winners, shortlist, jury and Vice President for Education: (f.l.t.r) Anna Roth, Julia Würz, Sophie de Stefani, Katharina Pêtre, Anne-Marie Bertram, Santoš Smiricky, Emanuel Martin, Luca Décoppet, Lars Hirt, Tobias Oswald, Francesca Rüedi, Yanik Freudiger, Thomas Grob, photo: Eleni Kougionis, © University of Basel


in many places, students play an active role in teaching: as tutors, in the design of learning materials, and so on. Nominate bachelor and master students who help their fellow students learn..

Jury composition: representatives of students' associations of the University of Basel

Anna-Marie Bertram, Studient Association Psychology   
Sophie De Stefani, Studient Association Political Science
Luca Décoppet, Studient Association Theology   
Emanuel Martin, Studient Association Biology
Katharina Pêtre, Studient Association FMI
Anna Roth, Studient Association IUS
Santoš Smiricky, Studient Association Ethnology
Julia Würz, Studient Association Pharma

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