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University of Basel

Modern Scholarship

Award winners, shortlist, jury and vice rector for education
Award winners, shortlist, jury and Vice President for Education: (f.l.t.r) Thomas Grob, Daniela Thurnherr Keller, Marcel Lüthi, Samuel Allemann, Denis Infanger, Maria Thürk, Stephen Germany, Julia Barth, photo: Eleni Kougionis, © University of Basel

Award category:

Digital teaching complements and enriches studying at our on-campus university. Nominate lecturers who create exciting learning opportunities for students both in person and in the digital world.

Jury composition: former Teaching Excellence Awards winners and finalists

Dr. Stephen Germany, Faculty of Theology
Dr. Denis Infanger, Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Marcel Lüthi, Faculty of Science
Prof. Dr. LL.M.(Yale) Daniela Thurnherr Keller, Faculty of Law

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