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During your studies, many questions may arise. Various departments at the University of Basel offer information and advice on a range of subjects relevant to both students and PhD students.

Student Advice Center

The Student Advice Center provides information and one-on-one advice for examining your academic and career aspirations, exploring your individual opportunities and limits, developing personal career goals and dealing with conflicts relating to direction and decision making, in addition to questions surrounding combining, changing or discontinuing your studies.

Academic Advice

Each subject area has faculty members who are responsible for providing academic advice. They answer questions concerning the curriculum and the planning of programs (studying and examination regulations, class schedules, program structure, combination of subjects, work techniques, exam preparation).


Parents and/or the cantonal scholarship office in the parents’ canton of residence are basically responsible for the funding of studies, and the appropriate applications should be submitted there. International students should find out what scholarships they are eligible for in their home country.

Career Counseling

During and after a course of studies or a PhD, the Career Service Center helps graduates to successfully launch their careers.

Social Services & Health Care

Here you will find information and advice on the topics of disabilities, university day care, raising children while studying, psychological counseling services, and sexual harassment.

Military & Civilian Service

Applications for military or civilian service deferment or exemption must be submitted as early as possible. Last-minute applications are much less likely to be successful.


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