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University of Basel


Following their matriculation, students receive the details needed to activitate their University of Basel email account. Accounts also provide access to Online Services (MOnA). The following services are available:

Personal details

Update your personal details, address details, contact address in case of an emergency (parents’ address), etc.


Register online for the next semester (for matriculated students and doctoral candidates)

Course registration

Register online for courses during the official registration periods (1 January / 1 August until the end of the fourth week of courses and lectures)


The timetabling service displays courses registered for as a weekly schedule grid (downloadable as a PDF or ics file)

ADAM teaching materials

Display and access synchronised ADAM workspaces

Credit points account

View your academic performance online, including grades and credit points. Students are notified via email of new course assessments and amended assessments. They may query any examination result or corrected assignment within 30 days of receiving their results. Otherwise, the assessment will be considered accepted.

Performance summary

Performance summaries display student performance in terms of their degree program’s module structure (downloadable as a PDF file)

Module allocation

Unanimously allocate coursework/course credits to the modules forming part of your current program. This service is designed to help you plan your studies and academic degree (downloadable as a PDF file).

Learning contract

Create an online learning contract for earning credits on an individual, extracurricular basis (outside regular courses and lectures). Once approved by the responsible teaching committee, the contract will be uploaded by the Office of the Dean of Studies and assessed by the responsible member of faculty (downloadable as a PDF file).


Transcript of records

Transcripts of records certify the credits earned each semester. Transcripts are made available to students in online services/MOnA in August (for the preceding spring semester) and in February (for the preceding fall semester).

Graduation documents

Faculties are responsible for issuing attestations, degree certificates and diploma supplements. Duplicates or replacement documents can be ordered from the responsible Dean of Studies Office. On request, separate lists containing credits not used for graduation will be issued.

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