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  • What can I study at the University of Basel?

    The degree program website provides an overview of what you can study at the University of Basel at Bachelor and Master level.

  • How many subjects can I study at the same time?

    That depends on the faculty you select (and how much time you have). In theology, law, medicine, psychology, economics and usually in the natural sciences, each faculty has one closed degree program with various sub-areas and focal areas as well as one elective.

    In the humanities and social sciences, two bachelor's and master's subjects are usually combined as well as one elective that is left fully up to the student. The detailed rules for combinations of subjects can be found here: www.unibas.ch/anmeldung.

    Concurrent enrollment in several degree programs is not usually permitted. The Rectorate makes decisions concerning any exceptions to this after first consulting with the respective faculties.

  • I'm wavering between various options and can't decide.

    You can make use of our free Student Advice Center, where you will find information and one-on-one advice to look at your academic and career aspirations, explore your individual opportunities and limits, develop personal career coals and deal with conflicts relating to direction and decision making as well as questions surrounding combining, changing or discontinuing your studies. The questions factoring into your decisions can impact both the selection of an appropriate bachelor's or master's program as well as the continuing education programs once you have completed your degree.

    To make an appointment for advice either in person or by phone, please contact the Student Advice Center at Steinengraben 5 in Basel. The Center is open Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm and can be reached on +41 61 267 29 29 or by going to www.studienberatung.unibas.ch.

  • How much does it cost to study at the University of Basel?

    The University of Basel currently collects CHF 850 in tuition fees per semester, along with CHF 10 for the student body.

    Please note that there are also costs for books and, of course, your personal living expenses. The following list provides a general indication of monthly living expenses if you are not living at home with your family.

    Rent (room, shared living space, student dormitory)
    Minimum: CHF 400; Average: CHF 600

    Food, household, clothing
    Minimum: CHF 450; Average: CHF 600

    Minimum: CHF 200; Average: CHF 300

    Minimum: CHF 60; Average: CHF 90

    Learning materials
    Minimum: CHF 100; Average: CHF 150

    Tuition Fees
    CHF 140

    Minimum: CHF 150; Average: CHF 220

    Minimum: CHF 1500; Average: CHF 2100

  • Am I eligible for scholarships or other financial assistance?

    The official tax residency canton of your parent(s) is responsible for granting scholarships and loans. A list of scholarship offices can be found by going to www.ausbildungsbeitraege.ch.

    For questions regarding scholarships and for the reimbursement of tuition fees, contact the Student Welfare Office, phone: +41 61 267 30 38/20, email: sozialberatung@unibas.ch.

  • I don't know whether I will be admitted to study at the University of Basel.

    Students are admitted to degree programs at all levels (bachelor's, master's and PhD) based on the rules defined in the Student Regulations, guidelines for admission and the specific study regulations. Additional information can be found here: www.unibas.ch/zulassung.

    Admission to a course of studies at any of the three degree levels requires that you submit your application by the deadline.

    For questions regarding the application and admissions process, please use this support form to contact the Office of Student Administration.

  • What do I need to do to register for courses and what do I do after that?

    There are three steps to getting accepted on a course of studies:

    1. Application: Admission to a course of studies at any of the three degree levels requires that you submit your application by the deadline. After you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by email and a deposit slip for the application fee by conventional mail.
    2. AdmissionIf you meet the admissions requirements, have paid the application fee and submitted all of the required documentation, you will receive an acceptance letter along with information on matriculation and a deposit slip for the tuition fees.
    3. Matriculation: Once your tuition fees have been paid, you are permitted to matriculate. The matriculation, i.e. your actual enrollment as a student or PhD student at the University, is the final step in the application and admission process. Upon matriculation, you will receive your student ID as well as a certificate of study.
  • Can I change my application for a different course of study?

    If you decide to pursue a different course of studies at the University of Basel after you have already submitted your application, you can submit a change request before the lecture period begins. The appropriate form can be obtained from the Student Office. You will be charged a one-time fee of CHF 100 to do so.

    You cannot change your application for degree programs with admissions restrictions such as a bachelor's degree in medicine (human and dental medicine) or degrees at the Institute of Exercise and Health Sciences. 

  • I don't know how I should plan my class schedule at the University of Basel. Who can help me with this?

    The individual departmental program consultants will be happy to answer any questions regarding program structure and course design, as well as options for advanced studies and course combinations.

  • I have realized that I am more interested in a different course of studies. How can I switch?

    You can submit an application to change the subject of your degree program during the registration process for the subsequent semester. For more information, refer to the application to change a degree program web page.

    Please note that there are special application deadlines and procedures for degree programs with admissions restrictions (Medicine/Dental Medicine/Exercise and Health Sciences/Nursing Science).

  • I would like to study at a different university for one or two semesters. How does that work?

    Various programs allow students to complete a study period at a Swiss or foreign university without any additional administrative costs. For more information, please consult the mobility web pages.

    A definitive transfer to a different university requires you to submit your application to the other university by the appropriate deadline.

  • I'm nearing or have just completed my degree. Now I want to plan my first career steps. Who can help me with this?

    The Career Service Center at the University of Basel offers workshops, reviews of application materials and personalized career advice to help you with your job search, career planning and first career steps.

    Contact: Birgit Helga Müller, Head of the Career Service Center, Petersplatz 1, Office 0.22, 4001 Basel, phone +41 61 267 08 67, email: csc@unibas.ch

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