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University of Basel

Personal Integrity

Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Persönliche Integrität schützen
University of Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Protecting Personal Integrity. (Picture: © Adobe Stock)

The University of Basel is committed to a respectful work culture in which the personal integrity of its students and employees is respected and protected.

The university does not tolerate

  • sexual harassment
  • discrimination
  • bullying

      Are you in need of advice and support?
Contact Dr. Cora Wagner, Personal Integrity Coordinator.




The month of March 2023 is dedicated to the Code of Conduct of the University of Basel and to working and interacting together.

The Code of Conduct promotes a culture of respect, diaolog and inclusion, which is shaped by people. #peoplemakeculture

For this reason, various events and courses will take place in March and this spring semester.




As part of the Sexual Harassment Awareness Day, the topic of sexual violence in higher education will be addresses throughout Switzerland on March 23. The University of Basel participates in this important national campaign day.

On Marc 23 different online events will be held. These online events will be broadcasted live at different locations at the University of Basel. For more information visit the prevention website.

Further, on March 29, there will be a Wen-Do course for students.

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