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University of Basel

HEAR Global Input Seminars

GPP 2016 @ MIT Whitehead

The HEAR Global Input Seminars inform about Higher Education and Research in the US, Switzerland and France and about ways of how to embrace careers in these academic landscapes. In 2018, seminars will take place on 15 February, 14 March (both dates in Basel) and 25 April (in Strasbourg). The seminars are open to graduate students including advanced master's students from all Swiss universities and EUCOR - The European Campus.
In 2017, the seminar focus lay already on the academic job markets and their specific functioning.

Since 2016, the HEAR Global seminars run under the umbrella of the newly launched Graduate Center of the University of Basel, GRACE. Lectures have been provided by Professor Karen De Pauw (Vice-President and Dean of Graduate School at Virginia Tech) and PD Dr. Christian Imdorf (University of Berne). In 2017, for the first time, the University of Strasbourg joined this seminars' series and involved Professor Jay Rowell, Directeur de recherche CNRS, who provided an excellent overview of the complex French HEAR landscape.

HEAR Global 2018

Graduate students from all Swiss universities and EUCOR - The European Campus are invited to join the three seminars about Higher Education and Research in the US, France and Switzerland and gain a better understanding of their own position within academia and future career options. The course is offered within the transferable skills scheme of GRACE, the University of Basel's Graduate Center.

HEAR Global Input Seminars 2017

Higher Education and Research in the US, France and Switzerland


The HEAR Global Higher Education and Research input seminar is an event open to doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers interested in the topic of Global Higher Education and its career trajectories.  It provides an overview of the US Higher Education system (Day 1), the Swiss Higher Education System (Day 2), the French Higher Education System (Day 3) and its mechanisms of career building as well as an insight into the HEAR Global Programme linked to it. The seminar is an opportunity to learn about features of the US Higher Education system and academic employment, comprehend in more detail aspects of Switzerland’s different Tertiary Education sectors, and understand the complexity of the French university and academic career landscape. Open to doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers from all disciplines, participation in this seminar allows for cross-disciplinary networking and for comparing academic development strategies. At the same time, the input seminar prepares participants of the HEAR Global Programme  for upcoming exchanges with students from programme partner Virginia Tech  and for the programme visit to the United States in June. All programme participants link to the HEAR Global alumni community growing since 2010.

Thu 23 Feb 2017 (9:30 – 17:00) - Prof. Karen de Pauw presented the US and Global Higher Education and its impact on the academic career market. The talk touched upon topics like the accrediation system, the decrease of public support for Higher Education and Research and the diversification of income sources over the years. The changing role of tenured faculty and the need for science communication has been one area very intensely discussed among participants. At the same time, course participants very actively contributed to the course by sharing academic experiences of their own countries reaching from countries like India, Sudan and China to academic landscapes and current evolutions in France and Switzerland. In the afternoon, a former participant of the Global Perspectives Program, Dr. Isabella Mutschler from the Faculty of Psychology, shared her experiences of working as a Postdoc at UC San Diego and of how to organize well your own work - life - balance in the US context.

Thu 23 March 2017 (9:30 – 17:00) - Prof. Christian Imdorf presented Switzerland and its Higher Education System.

Thu 27 April 2017 (10:00 – 17:00) Prof. Jay Rowell from University of Strasbourg - CNRS presented the French Higher Education and Research System in the light of the recent French science excellence initiative.


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